Common Bankruptcy Myths

  • Congress took away bankruptcy. Congress changed the Bankruptcy Code in 2005 to fight fraud. For honest debtors, Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 are still available. In fact, more than 1 million bankruptcies were filed in 2009.
  • I will lose everything. Most people are able to keep their home, vehicles, retirement savings and personal possessions. Even nonexempt property can usually be retained in a Chapter 13.
  • My credit will be ruined. Your credit score is probably poor right now. Bankruptcy is an opportunity to start fresh and build good credit in a few short years.
  • Everyone will know. Bankruptcy records are public, but not generally published in newspapers. It’s unlikely anyone will find out. Even if they do, there’s no shame in it. A Chapter 13 can allow you to pay what you can afford.
  • Bankruptcy is a failure. Many famous Americans and millions of fellow citizens have filed bankruptcy and gone on to lead happy lives and achieve great things. Bankruptcy was intentionally created to give good people a second chance. Bankruptcy is provided for in the United States Constitution. Bankruptcy has been part of our country from the very beginning.

Speak To A Bankruptcy Lawyer Concerning Your Circumstances

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