Car Loans After Bankruptcy – Financing Auto Loans With High Risk Lenders

Car Loans After Bankruptcy – Financing Auto Loans With High Risk Lenders
Bouncing back after bankruptcy is easier than most people think. The key to rebuilding credit involves re-establishing a good payment history with new creditors. To do this, you must apply for new accounts. Getting approved for new lines of credit following a bankruptcy is challenging. Fortunately, many lenders offer programs that allow a fresh beginning after bankruptcy. If you are hoping to boost your credit rating, consider getting approved for an auto loan.
Benefits of Getting an Auto Loan after Bankruptcy
If you do not begin establishing a good credit history after bankruptcy, your credit score will not improve. If filing bankruptcy, it is wise to educate yourself on ways to quickly boost credit rating. One such tactic includes financing an automobile.
Most auto loan lenders offer loans to people with bad credit. Cars and other types of vehicles are collateral-based loans. Hence, if you do not repay the money, the lender may reclaim their property.
Disadvantage of Getting an Auto Loan after Bankruptcy
Auto loans after bankruptcy are very popular because it’s one of the easiest methods for quickly re-establishing credit. The downside is that these loans carry a very high interest rate.
Interest rates depend largely on credit scores. Having bad credit may qualify you for an interest rate around 9 or 10 percent. However, if you have very bad credit, the interest rate may climb to around 18 percent. Nonetheless, it is possible to refinance for a better rate once your credit improves.
Using High Risk Auto Lenders
If getting a new car after bankruptcy, accepting dealership financing without shopping around is a big no-no. Dealerships want to make a profit. With this said, many dealerships charge higher interest and finance fees. Before signing a loan agreement, shop around and explore other lending options.
High risk or sub prime auto lenders offer a wide selection of loans. These loans cater to all credit types. Furthermore, the rates are extremely reasonable. To obtain quotes from sub prime lenders, complete an online application with an auto loan broker. Most brokers offer instant quotes and multiple offers from many lenders.