Bankruptcy And Bad Credit Issues No Longer Means No Mortgage

Bankruptcy And Bad Credit Issues No Longer Means No Mortgage
In the past, traditional mortgage lenders have automatically rejected people who had declared personal bankruptcy. Many potential home-buyers felt they must wait at least seven to 10 years after a bankruptcy to be eligible to become homeowners. This is a common misconception for many who believe their chance of home ownership is a long way away.
While some people declaring bankruptcy have had trouble managing their money, a large number of those declaring have simply experienced unfortunate events. Australians are filing bankruptcy at record-high levels over the last five years. The rise in petrol price and the recent increase in interest rates won’t help either.
There are some ominous signs out there…
Though a bankruptcy is certainly a blemish on a credit report, it does not necessarily disqualify a borrower. Recognising that sometimes bad things happen to good people, some select loan officers are becoming more willing to take a calculated risk.
Some lenders use a securing system to determine whether potential buyers are a worthwhile risk. Unfortunately, bankruptcy gives a low rating. However, select lenders are beginning to look beyond the rating and look at the individuals in need.
Instead of waiting two or four years after being discharged from bankruptcy, some mortgage professionals are willing to give a home loan much sooner. Those who have declared bankruptcy liquidation may be eligible for a loan one year after discharge, and those who are in a Part IX debt agreement could also be able to get a mortgage.
Another common misconception is that a previous bankruptcy on your credit report will require you to have a large down payment and pay extremely high interest rates. There are currently programs available with as little as 5 percent down with very attractive rates.
Some lenders are even prequalifying buyers for a loan, saving time and making the home-buying experience easier and more efficient. When a buyer prequalifies they will have the advantage of greater negotiating power.
No matter what the situation, select mortgage professionals have a program that will work for the buyer with a bankruptcy history. If a buyer cannot get approved, there are customized plans that can re-establish credit to help the buyer become mortgage-ready, ensuring home-ownership in the future.
Because of new options, bankruptcy no longer needs to stand in the way of getting a home loan. With the help of more creative lenders, those who have experienced financial difficulty will have an easier time getting a mortgage.
To your ongoing financial success,
Julian Thornton